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CE begins visit to Xi'an

Chief Executive Carrie Lam left Chongqing for Xi'an today and began her visit programme in Shaanxi Province.   After arriving in Xi'an, she met Shaanxi Governor Zhao Yide and attended a lunch he hosted.   Mrs Lam said she was pleased to visit Shaanxi for the first time as Chief Executive and congratulated Shaanxi on the successful hosting of the 14th National Games.   She expressed hope that Shaanxi would share its valuable experience, enabling the governments of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Guangdong Province and the Macau SAR to do a good job in hosting the 15th National Games in 2025.   Noting that Shaanxi is a key link for the nation's Belt & Road Initiative with its rich cultural history, the Chief Executive said the two places can build on the close trade and economic ties to enhance collaboration to contribute to the initiative and promote arts and cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world.   She added that the Hong Kong

HK returnee reminder issued

The Government today reminded Hong Kong residents who wish to return to Hong Kong from Guangdong under the Return2hk scheme to fulfil all the specified conditions in order to be exempted from the 14-day compulsory quarantine requirement upon their return.   It noted that many Hong Kong residents are returning to the city from Guangdong after the Lunar New Year holiday.   The specified conditions include not having been to places other than Hong Kong, Guangdong or Macau in the past 14 days; being able to present the proof of a valid negative nucleic acid test result conducted in any medical institution located in Guangdong or Macau that is mutually recognised by the governments of Hong Kong and Guangdong/Hong Kong and Macau upon arrival; and holding a Return2hk Scheme quota allocation and returning to Hong Kong on the date and at the boundary control point as specified in the booking.   Hong Kong residents who wish to return under the scheme should apply under a quota online.   Those who have successfully applied for a quota allocation should allow sufficient time for taking a COVID-19 nucleic acid test at one of the medical institutions mutually recognised by the governments of Hong Kong and Guangdong/Hong Kong and Macau.   The sample should be taken within three days prior to or on the day of the person's entry into Hong Kong.   There are 51 recognised medical institutions in Guangdong and four in Macau. The lists of recognised medical institutions are available on the Return2hk scheme's dedicated website.   To ensure smooth immigration clearance at the boundary control points, Hong Kong residents who intend to return to the city under the scheme are strongly advised to come back on the date and at the boundary control point as specified in their booking as well as complete the code conversion process through the Yuekang code or the Macao Health Code within 24 hours before setting off to obtain a green QR code.   A dedicated channel has been set up at the boundary control points for travellers with a green QR code.   They should also bring their Hong Kong identity card or other identification documents, the confirmation of a successful booking as well as proof of a valid negative nucleic acid test result for checking if necessary.   If the code conversion process generates a QR code of a different colour, it means the traveller has yet to fulfil all the specified conditions, and he or she may still be subject to the 14-day compulsory quarantine requirement upon entry into Hong Kong.   User guides on code conversion for the easy reference of returning Hong Kong residents are available.   Call 3142 2330 for enquiries.

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