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EPD takes action on concrete plants

The Environmental Protection Department said it does not tolerate concrete batching plants operating without a licence and will make every effort to stop any illegal operations.   The department made the statement in response to media reports yesterday of a concrete batching plant at 20 Tung Yuen Street in Yau Tong continuing to operate without holding a valid Specified Process Licence (SPL).   The department has been closely monitoring the operation of two plants, both owned by China Concrete. The other plant is at 22 Tung Yuen Street in Yau Tong.   Regarding the plant at 20 Tung Yuen Street, the Air Pollution Control Appeal Board dismissed an appeal lodged by China Concrete against the department’s refusal of its application for renewal of an SPL for the plant on November 22.   Under the Air Pollution Control (Specified Processes) Regulations, the plant’s SPL ceased to be valid with immediate effect and the department issued a letter requesting that all works be halte

Social distancing rules to be relaxed

The Government announced that it will further relax social distancing measures based on the vaccine bubble concept from June 24 to July 7.   The existing requirements and restrictions applicable to types A and B catering business will be maintained, while the maximum number of customers will be relaxed to 75% of the premises’ normal seating capacity for type C catering business.   For type D premises, the vaccination requirements for customers will be lowered to two-thirds of the people at the same table having received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. The maximum number of customers will be relaxed to 100% of the normal seating capacity, with the maximum number of customers at the same table increased to 12 and the maximum number of banquet participants increased to 180.   For bars and pubs, if all staff have received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, the maximum number of customers will be relaxed to 75% of the normal seating capacity, and the maximum number of same-table customers will be increased to four. The opening hours will remain the same.   If all staff have been fully vaccinated for 14 days, bars and pubs may operate every day from 5am to 3.59am on the subsequent day. The maximum number of customers will be relaxed to 100% of the normal seating capacity, while the maximum number of customers at the same table will be increased to eight.   Restrictions on customer capacity at party rooms, clubs or nightclubs, karaoke establishments and mahjong-tin kau premises will be eased given all staff have received the first dose of the vaccine, the Government explained.   In addition, live performances may take place in type D and a number of scheduled premises if the performers have received the first jab and adopted infection control measures like wearing masks during performances. Separately, fully vaccinated performers in theme parks can be exempted from wearing masks at outdoor performances.   All participants of a training group in a fitness centre can be exempted from wearing masks during exercise if everyone in the room has been fully vaccinated and adequate distance is maintained between each other.    The maximum number of people allowed in swimming pools will be 50% of capacity. If all staff and customers have completed their vaccine course, the cap will be relaxed to 100% of the capacity.   The Government noted that the relaxation measures are also applicable to relevant facilities in exhibition centres, hotels and private clubhouses.   The current mandatory mask-wearing requirement, and the prohibition on group gatherings of more than four people in public places, unless exempted, will be extended during the period, the Government added.

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Legal officer changes proposed

The Government has proposed to amend the law to allow legal officers of the Department of Justice to be appointed as a senior counsel.   At a media session after attending a Legislative Council meeting today, Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng explained the rationale behind the Government's proposal.   She said: “Why is it that my colleagues in the Department of Justice - who by their qualifications are solicitors but are actually arguing very well and very efficiently with great eloquence and efficacy in the Court of Final Appeal - are not being recognised when they are actually even better than their counterparts? That has always been something that sometimes troubles me.   “And for that reason, I have always been thinking about how we are going to overcome that problem.   “Now, what really triggers my determination to take this further forward is when one of our Deputy Directors of Public Prosecutions, Vinci Lam, took silk on May 29.   “That really showed that the form

124 COVID-19 cases reported

The Centre for Health Protection today said it is investigating 124 additional COVID-19 cases. More cases were detected in Kwai Chung Estate. There are also more than 70 preliminary positive cases.   Among the newly reported cases, 33 are related to Kwai Chung Estate, bringing the total number of positive and preliminary positive cases in the estate to 276.   One more positive case was found after an earlier confirmed case occurred at Glory Court, Tsuen Wan Garden, both of them live in units 5 but on two different floors. The centre has co-ordinated with related government departments and conducted an inspection today.    It was preliminarily considered that vertical transmission of virus via pipes is involved.   The centre will issue quarantine orders to residents of unit 5 on all floors of the building who resided there during the incubation period of the relevant cases and transfer them to a quarantine facility.   As it is possible that virus might be ejected from the open

CE to meet Congo president

Chief Executive John Lee will meet Democratic Republic of Congo President FĂ©lix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo at Government House tomorrow, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government announced today.   The Congo president is in the People’s Republic of China for a state visit and will arrive in Hong Kong for a two-day trip.