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RMB stock trading backed

Secretary for Financial Services & the Treasury Christopher Hui today expressed his gratitude to various listed issuers in Hong Kong for their support to the proposal of setting up a renminbi (RMB) stock trading counter.   Mr Hui stated that further to the help rendered by the Legislative Council Panel on Financial Affairs regarding the Government's proposed measures to promote the issuance and trading of RMB stocks in Hong Kong and enhance the trading mechanism, a number of listed issuers have also backed the proposal.   Such listed issuers will actively explore the feasibility of setting up a new RMB trading counter for their issued shares.   Mr Hui explained that listed issuers who indicated their support today include Hang Seng Index constituent stocks with promising turnover.   “Their participation is a vote of confidence to the development of RMB securities in Hong Kong, which will be conducive to our promotion work to other issuers, enabling Hong Kong to graduall

Ronald Lam to be Director of Health

The Government announced today that Centre for Health Protection Controller Dr Ronald Lam will take up the post of Director of Health on September 21, succeeding Dr Constance Chan who will start her pre-retirement leave.   Secretary for the Civil Service Patrick Nip said he is confident that Dr Lam will be able to lead the Department of Health to meet the challenges ahead.   “Dr Lam possesses profound professional knowledge and experience, and has proven leadership and management skills.”    On the retirement of Dr Chan, Mr Nip praised her for her contributions.   "Dr Chan has served with professionalism and commitment in the civil service throughout the past 33 years. As Director of Health, Dr Chan has made sustained efforts in leading the department to safeguard the health of the community through promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.”   Mr Nip added that in the face of the severe COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Chan has displayed resolve and perseverance in leading the department to rise to the challenges.   He wished her a fulfilling and happy retirement.   Click here for their biographies.

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124 COVID-19 cases reported

The Centre for Health Protection today said it is investigating 124 additional COVID-19 cases. More cases were detected in Kwai Chung Estate. There are also more than 70 preliminary positive cases.   Among the newly reported cases, 33 are related to Kwai Chung Estate, bringing the total number of positive and preliminary positive cases in the estate to 276.   One more positive case was found after an earlier confirmed case occurred at Glory Court, Tsuen Wan Garden, both of them live in units 5 but on two different floors. The centre has co-ordinated with related government departments and conducted an inspection today.    It was preliminarily considered that vertical transmission of virus via pipes is involved.   The centre will issue quarantine orders to residents of unit 5 on all floors of the building who resided there during the incubation period of the relevant cases and transfer them to a quarantine facility.   As it is possible that virus might be ejected from the open