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Kowloon Park arts fair to open

The Leisure & Cultural Services Department will launch a new phase of its Arts Fun Fair at Kowloon Park this Sunday.   It will have 16 stalls displaying and selling craftworks that feature fabric crafts, floral artworks and ornaments. Park-goers can also participate in art services such as painting and portrait sketching.   The fair will be open from 1pm to 7pm on Sundays and public holidays at the park's loggia until May 26 next year.   Visitors can enjoy the park’s beautiful scenery while appreciating a wide range of handicrafts and artworks.   The Arts Corner at Hong Kong Park is being held from noon to 6pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays until December 31.   The Arts Corner at Victoria Park welcomes applications from today until June 23 for operating stalls in the coming round of the fair.   For enquiries about the fair in Kowloon Park, call 2724 3344. For questions about Hong Kong Park and Victoria Park, call 2521 5041 or 2890 5824 respectively. http:

3 imported COVID-19 cases recorded

The Centre for Health Protection today said it is investigating three additional imported COVID-19 cases involving the L452R mutant strain.   Two of them arrived in Hong Kong from high-risk places and one from a medium-risk place.   One patient tested positive at the temporary specimen collection centre at the airport and one tested positive during quarantine. The remaining one is a close contact of imported cases confirmed previously and he tested positive at the Penny's Bay Quarantine Centre.   Meanwhile, the centre is investigating two suspected re-positive overseas cases. The first case involves a 29-year-old woman who is a foreign domestic helper.   The patient arrived in Hong Kong on October 15 from Indonesia by flight CX798. The specimen collected upon arrival at the temporary specimen collection centre at the airport tested negative for COVID-19. The results of six tests conducted during the compulsory quarantine period at the Penny's Bay Quarantine Centre were also negative.   The patient has been asymptomatic. Upon completion of the compulsory quarantine on November 5, she returned to the residence of her employer at Block 4, New Jade Garden in Chai Wan.   She underwent another test on November 15 at a community testing centre and the result was indeterminate. She tested positive but with a low viral load after admission to hospital.   She received two doses of Sinovac vaccines in July and August in Indonesia. She tested positive on October 13 in Indonesia but tested negative in a confirmatory test on October 14. The centre is verifying the result with the Indonesian authority.   The other case involves a 65-year-old man. He arrived in Hong Kong on October 28 from Singapore by flight SQ882. The specimen collected upon arrival at the temporary specimen collection centre was negative for COVID-19. The results of four tests conducted during the compulsory quarantine period at Regal Oriental Hotel were also negative.   The patient has been asymptomatic. Upon completion of the compulsory quarantine on November 10, he returned to his residence at Tower 3, Ocean Court in Aberdeen.   He underwent another test on November 15 as required and tested positive with the L452R mutant strain but with a low viral load.   The patient received two doses of Moderna vaccines in April in Singapore. He tested positive on October 14 in Singapore but tested negative in a confirmatory test on October 26. The centre is verifying the result with the Singaporean authority.   Based on the epidemiological, clinical and laboratory findings, the centre considers that the two cases are compatible with re-positive cases. As a prudent measure, the places where the patients resided and visited in Hong Kong during the incubation periods have been included in a compulsory testing notice.   The centre received a notification from the Health Commission of Guangdong Province last night that the external package of a parcel sent to Hong Kong from the Mainland tested positive for COVID-19 during a routine check by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the parcel has arrived Hong Kong. They asked for assistance in the investigation and follow up from Hong Kong.   The centre has followed up on the place where the parcel is located. The parcel was sent from Inner Mongolia on November 7 and arrived at the recipient's address in Hong Kong on November 13.   The recipient disposed of the external package immediately upon receipt of the parcel and washed the clothes contained in the parcel.   As a precautionary measure, the recipient was advised to maintain stringent hand hygiene at all times and carry out disinfection of the household surfaces which the parcel had contact with. The recipient was also asked to go for a COVID-19 test.   As the parcel had stayed at a local logistics warehouse, the centre advised the warehouse operator to pay attention to the environmental disinfection routines, and collected environmental samples at the warehouse, which all tested negative. Staff who might have had contact with the parcel were also asked to undergo tests.   Moreover, as passenger flight AI1314 operated by Air India arriving in Hong Kong from Dehli of on November 14 had one passenger confirmed to have COVID-19 by arrival testing and one passenger failed to comply with the requirements specified under the Prevention & Control of Disease (Regulation of Cross-boundary Conveyances & Travellers) Regulation, the Department of Health has prohibited the passenger flights from Dehli operated by Air India from landing in Hong Kong from November 17 to 30.   The centre also reminded specified people in relation to Block 4, New Jade Garden in Chai Wan to undergo testing tomorrow in accordance with the compulsory testing notice.   In relation to patients of two previous imported cases who had stayed in Hong Kong during the incubation period, any person who had been present at four specified premises during the specified period must undergo additional testing.   Additionally, five schools are covered in the compulsory testing notice due to an outbreak of upper respiratory tract infection or influenza-like illness.   The Government will set mobile specimen collection stations at Chai Wan Park and Ocean Park Car Park tomorrow to provide free testing service for people subject to compulsory testing.   A total of 39 cases were reported in Hong Kong in the past 14 days, all of which are imported.   For information and health advice on COVID-19, visit the Government's dedicated webpage.

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Legal officer changes proposed

The Government has proposed to amend the law to allow legal officers of the Department of Justice to be appointed as a senior counsel.   At a media session after attending a Legislative Council meeting today, Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng explained the rationale behind the Government's proposal.   She said: “Why is it that my colleagues in the Department of Justice - who by their qualifications are solicitors but are actually arguing very well and very efficiently with great eloquence and efficacy in the Court of Final Appeal - are not being recognised when they are actually even better than their counterparts? That has always been something that sometimes troubles me.   “And for that reason, I have always been thinking about how we are going to overcome that problem.   “Now, what really triggers my determination to take this further forward is when one of our Deputy Directors of Public Prosecutions, Vinci Lam, took silk on May 29.   “That really showed that the form

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The Government said it will discuss with the drug manufacturers on how to handle the expected surplus COVID-19 vaccine doses concerning this year's COVID-19 Vaccination Programme.   It made the statement in response to a media report which claimed that Hong Kong will throw away millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses due to low vaccination rate.   The Government noted that as at May 24, out of the two million odd doses each of the Sinovac and BioNTech vaccine which have arrived in Hong Kong, there are 1.05 million and 840,000 unused doses.   It pointed out that the BioNTech vaccine needs to be stored in an ultra-low temperature setting and the vaccines have a relatively short expiry date from the date of manufacture which is around three to four months after arrival in Hong Kong. The vaccines now in storage will expire in mid-August.   The Government observed that the public's demand for the BioNTech vaccine has gradually become sluggish recently.   Compared with the daily