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Special schools stage variety show

A variety show involving 62 special schools across the city was held today to showcase students’ diverse talent and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s establishment.   The Education Bureau explained that the aim of the large-scale joint school event, titled “Variety Show of Special School Students - Let Your Love Shine 2022”, is to enhance the public’s understanding of special education in Hong Kong.   About 100 students joined the performances that included a dragon dance, fitness exercises, martial arts, a wheelchair dance and a piano trio. In addition, the music video of the theme song, Let Love Shine 2022, sung by students from the 62 schools, was played.   To enable those with hearing and visual impairments to enjoy the festivities, the show was webcast live and barrier-free with sign language interpretation and audio descriptions.   Addressing the ceremony, Secretary for Education Choi Yuk-lin said the Government supports schoo

3 new bus franchises granted

The Chief Executive in Council today granted new 10-year franchises to Long Win Bus (LW), Citybus’ Airport & North Lantau bus network and Citybus’ Urban & New Territories bus network.   The new franchises for LW and Citybus’ Airport & North Lantau bus network will commence upon expiry of its current franchise on May 1, 2023, and run until May 1, 2033.   The expiry date of the existing Citybus’ franchise for Hong Kong Island & Cross-Harbour bus network will be amended from June 1, 2026, to July 1, 2023, the same as that of the current franchise of New World First Bus (NWFB).   The Executive Council decided to grant a new 10-year franchise covering Citybus’ franchise for Hong Kong Island & Cross-Harbour bus network and NWFB. The new franchise will commence upon expiry of the two existing franchises on July 1, 2023, and run until July 1, 2033.   The Government pointed out that these bus companies have all along been providing proper and efficient services to passengers under their current franchises. Having been granted new franchises this time around, they have also committed to continue to invest in bus safety, passenger services and more with a view to further enhancing the quality of bus services.   Merging the two existing franchises with largely overlapping service areas will facilitate continuous improvement and rationalisation of the franchised bus network on Hong Kong Island, the Government said.   It will also enable the bus company, Citybus, to deploy its resources more flexibly for enhancing existing services or introducing new services and providing more comprehensive public transport ancillary facilities that keep up with the times for the benefit of passengers.   After merging the franchises, relevant service rationalisation proposals will be implemented progressively under the annual Route Planning Programme.   The merger exercise will not come with any changes of fares for all existing routes. Also, Citybus will strive to enhance bus service reliability and further improve its lost trip situation.   In addition, the bus companies will pursue various initiatives during the new franchise periods, including further enhancing the operational safety of franchised buses, installing more passenger shelters, co-operating with the Government in promoting the development of electric and other new energy public transport vehicles as well as improving the working environment of staff.   As for fare concessions, the Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) monthly pass will be extended to cover LW's regular and overnight services except airbus services, ie the "E", "R", "S" and "N" routes, and a 73% fare discount will be provided for holders of the KMB Monthly Pass when travelling on LW's regular and overnight airbus routes, ie the "A" and "NA" routes.   The Government emphasised that the granting of the three new franchises paves the way for enhancing the long-term sustainability of the city-wide bus networks in terms of more efficient public bus services and more balanced competition amongst public transport operators.   Franchised buses should continue to play a vital role in the public transport system, not only for providing feeder services to the railways, but also for serving as a viable alternative to railways with the provision of reliable and quality services to passengers, it added.

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Railway settlement exceeds limit

The construction works of a relocation project in Kowloon have been suspended after a settlement monitoring checkpoint exceeded the limit, the Government said today.   The project relocates supporting operational facilities of Tsim Sha Tsui Fire Station Complex, Fire Services Club and other fire services accommodations to To Wah Road in Kowloon.   The Government explained that the readings recorded in a settlement monitoring checkpoint installed inside the railway tunnel between Kowloon Station and Olympic Station of the MTR Tung Chung Line had reached 20.27mm on September 7. The preset trigger level for works suspension is 20mm.   For the sake of prudence, the Mass Transit Railway Corporation suspended relevant works within the railway protection area on the same day.   The Buildings Department and the Architectural Services Department deployed staff to inspect the affected railway tunnel and confirmed that it is structurally safe.   The Electrical & Mechanical Services