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Birth, death registrations go online

The Immigration Department will launch new electronic services tomorrow for eligible applicants to complete the entire process of birth or death registrations online, without having to visit a registry in person.   According to the Births & Deaths Registration (Amendment) Ordinance 2023, which will take effect tomorrow, the statutory time limit for the registration of deaths from natural causes is extended from 24 hours to 14 days.   It also removes the requirement for applicants who need to register births or deaths to attend the registries in person, so as to provide a legal basis for the introduction of electronic services for these kinds of registration.   Under the new electronic services, if either parent of a newborn baby is a Hong Kong permanent resident, the parents may submit an application for a birth registration online within 42 days after the birth of their legitimate child.   They may apply for a birth certificate at the same time and choose to receive it by

Transitional vaccine pass introduced

The Government today announced that people who currently hold or have previously held a COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Certificate will be issued a transitional pass for them to enter premises prior to completing a vaccination course to meet Vaccine Pass requirements.   For individuals previously unfit for vaccination due to genuine medical reasons and holding a Medical Exemption Certificate, the Government said they may be considered fit for vaccination after subsequent assessment by a medical practitioner.   However, they have to wait up to six months before completing the three doses and hence will be unable able to fulfil the vaccination requirements under the Vaccine Pass within the validity period of the Medical Exemption Certificate, it added.   A Transitional Vaccine Pass is therefore issued so that they can enter Vaccine Pass applicable premises during the period when they are waiting to receive the next dose but have not yet met the pass’ vaccination requirement. The Transitional Vaccine Pass will be valid until the recommended vaccination date for the next dose of vaccine.   The transitional arrangements, to be introduced on November 22, are open to holders of Medical Exemption Certificates who are ready to start the vaccination course and those who have already started the course.   Medical Exemption Certificate holders have to update the LeaveHomeSafe mobile app to the latest version 3.5.2 so as to scan and store the QR code on the Transitional Vaccine Pass for entering relevant premises.   The Government has updated the QR Code Verification Scanner mobile app to version 4.4.5 to assist persons-in-charge of the active checking premises to identify the newly added Transitional Vaccination Pass QR code.   It reminded these persons-in-charge to update to the latest version of the QR Code Verification Scanner mobile application before November 22.

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Legal officer changes proposed

The Government has proposed to amend the law to allow legal officers of the Department of Justice to be appointed as a senior counsel.   At a media session after attending a Legislative Council meeting today, Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng explained the rationale behind the Government's proposal.   She said: “Why is it that my colleagues in the Department of Justice - who by their qualifications are solicitors but are actually arguing very well and very efficiently with great eloquence and efficacy in the Court of Final Appeal - are not being recognised when they are actually even better than their counterparts? That has always been something that sometimes troubles me.   “And for that reason, I have always been thinking about how we are going to overcome that problem.   “Now, what really triggers my determination to take this further forward is when one of our Deputy Directors of Public Prosecutions, Vinci Lam, took silk on May 29.   “That really showed that the form

124 COVID-19 cases reported

The Centre for Health Protection today said it is investigating 124 additional COVID-19 cases. More cases were detected in Kwai Chung Estate. There are also more than 70 preliminary positive cases.   Among the newly reported cases, 33 are related to Kwai Chung Estate, bringing the total number of positive and preliminary positive cases in the estate to 276.   One more positive case was found after an earlier confirmed case occurred at Glory Court, Tsuen Wan Garden, both of them live in units 5 but on two different floors. The centre has co-ordinated with related government departments and conducted an inspection today.    It was preliminarily considered that vertical transmission of virus via pipes is involved.   The centre will issue quarantine orders to residents of unit 5 on all floors of the building who resided there during the incubation period of the relevant cases and transfer them to a quarantine facility.   As it is possible that virus might be ejected from the open

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