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SMS sender scheme expanded

The Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) announced today that the SMS Sender Registration Scheme is now open for application by all sectors to further help the public verify the identities of SMS senders, with a view to combatting SMS fraud.   Apart from further opening up the scheme, the OFCA said it welcomes public and private organisations from various industries with a practical need to communicate with customers or clients via SMS to join the scheme.   Under the scheme, only registered senders are able to send SMS messages using their registered SMS sender IDs with the prefix “#”. All other SMS messages with sender IDs containing “#” but not sent by registered senders will be blocked by the telecommunications networks.   As such, the public can easily identify whether an SMS message is received from a registered sender by the prefix “#” in the SMS sender ID.   The OFCA reminds citizens to stay highly vigilant when receiving SMS messages from unknown sender
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CE: Views are in favour of Article 23

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.)   The consultation exercise for the Basic Law Article 23 legislation has already garnered many opinions, with the majority of the views expressed supporting its enactment, Chief Executive John Lee said today.   The Basic Law Article 23 legislation consultation launched by the Government will end on February 28 and Mr Lee was asked about its progress by reporters before he attended the Executive Council meeting this morning.   “We have been receiving a lot of opinions,” he said. “The majority of them support Article 23 enactment.   “We also believe that because of what we went through in 2019 in the attempted colour revolution, the awareness has been very strong.”   The Chief Executive added that the consultation results will be presented to the Legislative Council.   “The general opinions give me the impression that they are in support (of) the overall goal of enacting Article 23 to

Govt subsidises exhibitors

(To watch the full press conference with sign language interpretation, click here.)   Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Algernon Yau said today that the Government expects the convention and exhibition industry to achieve or surpass pre-pandemic levels given that certain large-scale events have already returned to Hong Kong.   Mr Yau pointed out during a press conference this afternoon that throughout the second half of last year, 61 exhibitions were held in the city, 54 of which had been approved for a total of HK$265 million in government subsidies.   Apart from emphasising that the exhibitions had attracted some 80,000 exhibitors, including 30,000 from local organisations and 50,000 from overseas, he explained that they also attracted over 1.2 million visitors.   Mr Yau added that approval will be given for more exhibitions to be held in the city and the number of people visiting Hong Kong will increase accordingly.   He highlighted the Government

Yuen Long project construction starts

Construction of the first Light Public Housing (LPH) project at Yau Pok Road in Yuen Long, officially started today.   The Yau Pok Road project will provide about 2,100 LPH units, with intake expected to begin in the first quarter of 2025. Application arrangements will be announced in the second quarter of this year.   Deputy Financial Secretary Michael Wong, Secretary for Housing Winnie Ho and Secretary for Labour & Welfare Chris Sun officiated at the groundbreaking ceremony this afternoon.   Mr Wong thanked the Legislative Council, the local community and Sun Hung Kai Properties which lent the Yau Pok Road site for free, for supporting the project, adding that their assistance as well as the hard work of the construction team and government staff, gave hope to the public, especially families living in subdivided units and waiting for public rental housing.   Before the ceremony, Mr Wong and Ms Ho visited a mock-up LPH unit, received a progress briefing by Director

HKO to open to the public

The Hong Kong Observatory will hold open days on March 23 and 24 to showcase its work.   Adopting the theme of this year's World Meteorological Day, “At the frontline of climate action”, the exhibitions at the event will feature how the Observatory applies the latest technology to provide various services including weather forecasting, aviation weather services, microclimate monitoring and radiation monitoring.   Online pre-registration is required. Each applicant may request a maximum of four tickets free of charge. If there is oversubscription, selection will be made by computer balloting.   The online registration system will accept applications from today to noon on March 1. Successful applicants will receive tickets with a QR code via email on or before March 12. Click here for details.

Scholarship boosts HK talent pool

To strengthen education collaboration with Belt & Road countries and regions, scholarships have been offered to outstanding students coming from countries along the Belt & Road since the 2016-17 academic year.   Exploring opportunities One of them is Chia Xynn Yen from Malaysia, a second-year quantitative finance undergraduate at the University of Hong Kong who was awarded full funding for her studies through the Belt & Road Scholarship.   Miss Chia said she was attracted to Hong Kong through the scholarship as well as the city’s reputation as an international financial hub. Last summer, she took up an investment analysis internship in Hong Kong and gained valuable knowledge and experience in her chosen field.   “Hong Kong is a place where a lot of hedge funds and quantitative finance trading firms set up their office and it might be their only office in Asia as a whole. So I feel like this definitely provides a lot of jobs and opportunities for me and also a

Bun scrambling applications to open

Applications for the Cheung Chau Bun Scrambling Competition will be accepted from February 19 to March 18, the Leisure & Cultural Services Department announced today.    Physically-fit adults are welcome to apply to participate in the event that is scheduled for May 15.   Twelve competitors will scramble for buns while climbing a tower from 11.30pm to 12.45am at Pak Tai Temple Playground on Cheung Chau.   The maximum number of entrants is 200. If the number of applications exceeds the quota, places will be allocated by ballot. Those who live, work or study on Cheung Chau will be given priority.   Safety training will be provided on April 7 and all applicants must attend the training before finalists are selected on April 14.   Twenty-four contestants in the first round - comprising at least six women - will be able to enter the semi-finals to compete for the 12 spots.   The 12 finalists - comprising at least three women - will compete in the May 15 race.